About Orion Development Corporation
We are a software development firm with a proven track record developing solutions of exceptional capability, flexibility and value. Our visionary planning allows each project to be designed with business and economy needs at the forefront, without sacrificing design, innovation and technique.
Our services cover the full software development life cycle – from inception and requirements writing to design, implementation, testing and deployment.  We deliver quality solutions for web-based applications, desktop applications, handhelds, middleware components and databases. We support large corporate and emerging businesses in a number of industries, including finance, R&D, engineering and more...
Proven Business and Technical Expertise

We employ a well defined business process refined from years of validated development efforts across a broad range of industries. We apply this expertise to advantage on all projects, regardless of the industry or application. The result is a more predictable and reliable outcome that can be measured and continuously improved.

The Orion Process is both agile and validated, allowing work to proceed un-encumbered, while still maintaining a well defined and traceable effort. We also offer a web-accessible quality management tracking system to keep clients appraised of open issues for advanced development projects. 

We are experts in validated development, maintain superior documentation and have a well defined set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for our methodology, to unsure quality, efficiency and full traceability.

Our Staff

We are experts in Microsoft development technologies including Microsoft .NET, C#, C++ and Win32/Win64, as well as open industry standards such as XML/XSLT, XML, Web Services and Service Oriented Architctures. We also have considerable experience with development for Linux/UNIX, iOS and Android mobile platforms.

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