Our Process

The Orion Process has been refined from our experience in engineering and R&D, developing products requiring a validated process.  Because the Orion Process is practical and effective, we apply this same method to advantage on all projects we undertake, regardless of the industry or the application. The result is a predictable process with reliable outcomes that can be measured and continuously improved.

The Orion Process is both agile and validated,allowing work to proceed un-encumbered, while maintaining a completely validated and traceable effort. We also offer a web-accessible quality management tracking system to keep clients appraised of open issues for advanced development projects

While the Orion Process is not yet available to the general public, we offer here a partial list of our manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) maintained as the rubicon of our Quality System - and serving as the blueprint of our development process:

Document Description
Quality Manual Quality system manual and overview of quality system
Quality Meeting Record Standard templates for meeting records and minutes
Quality Organization Roles Roles and responsibilities
Quality Statement Corporate quality statement
Quality System Documentation Matrix Quality system documentation matrix
SOP Defect Tracking Standard procedures for defect tracking
SOP for Document Retention Standard procedures for documentation mantainence
SOP for Personal Conduct Standard procedures for personal conduct and behavior of employees and contractors
SOP for System Backup Standard procedures for system backup and recovery plus contingency plans
SOP for System Privacy Standard procedures for system privacy (HIPAA)
SOP for System Review Standard procedures for system review and audit
SOP for System Security Standard procedures for system security (HIPAA)
SOP for System Testing Standard procedures for system testing for products and client projects
SOP for Software Code Inspections Standard procedures for peer code inspections/review
SOP for Software Coding Standard procedures for coding guidelines and standards
SOP for Software Design Reviews Standard procedures for peer software design reviews
SOP for Software Development SOP Software Labeling Standard procedures for software product labeling
... ...

While the Orion Process benefits any development effort, it obviously leverages our understanding of engineering and validated methodologies required for serious developent efforts. Our technical team is expert in software engineering, maintains superior documenttation and follows a well defined set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for improved quality, efficiency and continuous process improvement.

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