Orion Solutions
Orion Development Corporation provides flexible solutions for data acquisition and analysis.   Our products and services can be used individually or collectively to accomodate a broad range of applications.  From simple one page online surveys to complex applications requiring multiple data acquisition methods and distributed workflow environments, Orion can provide a right sized solution to solve most any data acquistion and reporting requirement.
Orion Optical Mark Recognition - OOMR (tm)

Orion OMR (OOMR) Version 1.3 is a set of programming components that enable scanning and optical mark recognition from paper based forms. OOMR allows programmers to quickly integrate OMR scanning capability into their applications at a very reasonable price. Applications developed with OOMR can be redistributed ROYALTY FREE!   Click here to learn more or to download a free copy of OOMR.

Orion OMR Assistant - OOMR Assistant (tm)

OOMR Assistant Version 1.3 provides graphical tools to facilitate definition of input areas on scan forms used with OOMR.   OOMR Assistant will allow your paper forms and OMR scanning solutions to interoperate with online web-based surveys you create with Orion Survey, allowing a totally integrated solution for your survey and testing needs - using a combination of acquisition techniques.  Click here to learn more or to download a free copy of OOMR Assistant.  

Orion Survey (tm)
Orion Survey represents a giant step forward in web based quantitative survey applications and data collection tools.  Orion Survey allows you to define your surveys once (your survey 'schema'), and then generate applications for deployment over the web, desktops, or for use with paper forms (using OOMR and OOMR Assistant).  Orion's uniquely cohesive architecture allows you to target deployments for any of these data acquisition scenarios - from a single survey definition.
Orion Survey is suitable for requirements ranging from simple one-page surveys, to large multi-part surveys executed in distributed environments demanding flexible and diverse data acquition methods.  This makes it an ideal survey/forms tool for clinical and healthcare environments.  Click here to learn more or to get a free subscription to Orion Survey.
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