Application Samples

BD Diabetes Software was developed by Orion for BD's new line of blood glucose monitoring products introduced in early 2003. This diabetes management software sets a new standard in ease of use, data management, graphical presentation of glucose and insulin data for pattern management, and provides a patented single-step meter download capability that is truly unique in the industry.

The ADVIA Integrated Modular System was developed to support a revolutionary line of blood analyzers from Bayer Diagnostics. The highly customized user interface of the IMS was built from a suite of components developed by Orion. This N-Tier system also used Orion-built components to manage thread safety, transactions, notification, and a flexible sub-system for configuring system alerts.

The Award-Winning National Diabetes Education Outcomes System was designed by Orion Development Corporation for the American Association of Diabetes Educators to measure outcomes of diabetes education. It provides a national database/repository and an open XML Web Service infrastructure for data collection and reporting.

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