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Orion OMR V1.3

OOMR Version 1.3 enables scanning and analysis of paper based forms and allows programmers to readily integrate OMR scanning capability into their applications. OOMR V1.3 is compatible with Microsoft .NET languages (such as C# and VB.NET) as well as any programming language that supports COM (such as MS VB6 or VC++ 6.0). OOMR components can be distributed with your application under a number of flexible licensing arrangements - including a ROYALTY FREE license. Download a free evaluation of OOMR Now!

What's Included?
OOMR V1.3 includes components for image acquisition and OMR analysis, a sample reference and demo application, and programmer documentation. OOMR V1.3 also includes Orion OMR Assistant, a graphical tool to help developers define input areas on their forms.
What Does it Cost?
OOMR is sold with multiple licensing options, allowing maximum cost efficiency and distribution flexibility. Purchase options are also available allowing applications developed with OOMR to be distributed 100% ROYALTY FREE!
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Click here to download a free evaluation copy of OOMR.
Where Does it Run?
OOMR V1.3 requires Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition.
OOMR V1.3 is designed to work with scanners supporting the TWAIN Specification 1.9 from the TWAIN Working Group Committee, and supports scanners with Automatic Document Feeders (ADF) or simple flat bed scanners.
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